3 Benefits of Group Therapy for Teens Struggling with Anxiety or Depression

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If you or someone you love is struggling with anxiety or depression, a treatment plan that includes group therapy for teens can significantly help. While it can be scary to attend your first group therapy session, there are some benefits to be gained in group therapy that are more difficult to achieve in individual counseling. Group therapy for teens can provide a broader context for individuals who struggle with depression or anxiety. What is depression or anxiety? Depression in teens occurs when a teen’s emotional state makes everyday life overwhelming. Teens may lose interest in hobbies they once enjoyed, may feel sad or lonely much of the time, and may have difficulty engaging with others because of feeling isolated. It is not your fault, nor is it something you can overcome by your decision-making or strong will. Depression is a mental illness for which the cause is unknown, but some of the possible contributors include brain chemistry, genetics, learned thought patterns, hormonal shifts, trauma, or a combination of these. The good news is that targeted treatment can help you or your loved one feel better. Depression can be a comorbidity of anxiety disorders, too, but it doesn’t have to be. Anxiety disorders range in both spectrum and sensitivity. Social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety, and panic disorder are all types of anxiety. Anxiety prohibits individuals from functioning well in everyday activities, such as school, social situations, friendships, or other relationships. They may feel afraid, worried, unusually fixated on something specific, or have a sense of dread that something bad is going to happen to them or someone they love. Anxiety must be diagnosed by a trained psychologist and can make life difficult for you and your loved ones if there isn’t an active diagnosis and treatment plan to follow. [...]

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Help for Sexual Side Effects of Antidepressants

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You may have heard about or experienced unwanted side effects of antidepressants. It is always helpful to talk to your doctor or counselor about any side effects. One type of side effect that is particularly difficult for some people to talk about, however, is any type of sexual side effect. It can be challenging and awkward to talk to someone about your sex life. This is particularly true when something doesn’t feel like it is going well or when you experience a change. Unfortunately, some antidepressant medications can have sexual side effects. This is not because of anything you have done. It is simply an unwanted result of taking the medication. How to Alleviate Sexual Side Effects of Antidepressants If you experience any unwanted side effects, you don’t have to suffer. Here are some things you can do to help alleviate any sexual side effects of taking an antidepressant. Remember, it is important to discuss changes with your doctor before making them to ensure your health and safety. Consider a lower dose Sometimes it is not the medication that is the problem, it is the dosage. Instead of giving up on a helpful medication, you can talk to your doctor about trying a lower dose. The goal of this is to alleviate the side effects while maintaining the efficacy of the medication in treating your depression. This is a process that must be done with your doctor. Do not change your medication dose on your own. If you are unsure of how to bring it up with your doctor, a counselor can help you develop a plan. Ask about other medication options If the medication is proving problematic, you can talk to your doctor about other antidepressants you could take. Not all medicines have the same side effects, and [...]

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Help! My Husband is Depressed

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It is common for men who are depressed to express frustration with understanding and expressing uncomfortable feelings. Men may be tempted to override depression’s signs, believing they need to seek a doctor to treat physical symptoms such as intestinal distress, headaches, or insomnia. They may experience the previous signs in addition to moods marked by irritability and anger. Practical Strategies to Support Your Depressed Husband Because of the historic stigma attached to mental health, men may experience guilt and shame compounded with the signs and symptoms of begin depressed. Treating and navigating depression requires more than cultural phrases to “man up” or “shake it off,” but we can embrace spiritual truth and practical strategies for help when our husbands may be depressed. Prayer. We can support our spouses with prayer. The principle of prayer appeals to God to act on our husband’s behalf. The practice of prayer submits to God, reaching where words alone don’t do enough. The power of prayer lies not in prayer, itself, but in the One to whom we pray, and inclines his heart to receive outside help in places where he might have rejected it. Overall, the powerful effects of praying to the God of the Bible can help our husbands when they are depressed. Provide a safe space. Provide a listening ear without judgment or defense. Avoid personalizing his experience, as it may have little to nothing to do with you. What he is enduring may indicate unresolved hurt from other people and seasons of life that are now resurfacing and interfering with his daily function. Allow him to broach difficult topics as they come up without cutting him off, criticizing, or emasculating him. Encourage him with appropriate verbal and nonverbal cues that convey your willingness to listen, befriend, and champion his well-being. [...]

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